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Always keeping your hedges well kept & healthy will not just keep your garden looking stylish throughout the year, but it will even help to lower the possibility of disease that can have an effect on the structural integrity of your garden borders. Developed hedges require more trimming to keep them dense and tight. A formal hedge will additionally need more regular trimming back than an informal hedge.

Our team undertake all aspects of hedge trimming, hedge removal or hedge reduction throughout Bristol and the Bristol area for both private and commercial clients. We have carried out jobs for councils, property management companies or schools. We can also manage your topiaries & also deliver new hedges for replanting.

They have experience in all sorts of hedges and are equipped with all of the tools necessary to carry out any Bristol hedge trimming & maintenance with a minimum of fuss. We can trim, shape or cut pretty much any size of hedge imaginable from small feature hedges to large conifers, wisteria covering a house to boundary hedges of any size & length. We can trim your hedges to pretty much any design you would like with accuracy and precision.

The reason why you require your hedge trimming or pruning will vary, perhaps your hedge has grown too much onto the pavement, or it is blocking your views, doors or windows, or perhaps the task has now ended up being so large that experienced hedge trimmers are required.

Hedges that we commonly trim include:

  • Wisteria – a beautiful purple flowered plant which grows profusely and requires pruning twice a year
  • Leylandii & Fern – These are going to get completely out of control if they are not pruned a minimum of once a year.
  • Beech – With frequent pruning & trimming your hedge will stay dense and have healthy coverage.
  • Laurel and Privet Hedges – With regular attention & care these hedges may be cut to shape.
  • Yew, Rose, Wild Cherry & lots more.
We can advise you on both short term and long term routine maintenance programmes to ensure that your hedges are kept in tip top shape throughout the year. We strongly recommend hedge trimming at least once a year, but depending on the type of hedge possibly twice.
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