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Fully Insured And Qualified Bristol Arborists

At D & B Tree Services we are able to provide professional tree removal and tree felling services for residents and businesses throughout the Bristol area.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree in the majority of cases requires not only expert knowledge of how to do it but also the right equipment to get the job done safely without anyone getting injured or yours or your neighbours property getting damaged. We have provided our services to not only residents in the Bristol area but also to schools, the local councils and property developers who required sites clearing for their construction projects.

We have a fully qualified and highly experienced team who are fully insured and and always work within the strict Health and Safety guidelines.

You might require a tree felling and removing for many reasons some are listed below:

Preferred Tree Removal Techniques

Traditional Tree Felling and Cutting

Where there is plenty of space, our team will fell your tree in its entirety using the traditional cuts and techniques. Our team are have years of experience in felling trees and are trained and qualified to perform pre felling assessments to ensure that they can fell the tree and get it on the ground in a controlled and safe manner so avoiding any injuries or damage to properties. They are also equipped with all of the required tools and equipment to do the job

Tree Dismantling

If your tree needs to be removed but felling it in one go is not possible due to its location or the structure of the tree then our team will dismantle it. Dismantling your tree involves our team organising a plan for dismantling your tree Once the plan has been formed then using specialist climbing and rigging equipment the team will start to dismantle your tree by cutting it down in sections which are then controlled as they are lowered to a dedicated drop zone . They all have experience in lowering down the limbs and the trunk pieces in confined spaces as well as over objects that require protecting, such as outhouses or sheds.

Once your tree has been dismantled our team are also able to remove the stump for you, leaving you with a nice flat area where the tree was.


view from the top when dismantling a tree in Bristol

Tree Preservation Orders

Any tree removal, felling or pruning work must comply with the Tree Preservation Order regulations.

Many trees are protected and you will require permission from your local council if you are wanting to remove or prune them.

Our team can check if there are any tree protection orders in place for you and then place a proposal for necessary work to your local council. For more information visit our Tree Survey and Report Service.

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