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Whether you have had a tree chopped down as a part of improving your garden, as a result of the tree being damaged in a storm or as a result of the tree being diseased, if the the old tree stump is still left in your garden then it is not only unsightly but it is also hazardous to both people and lawn mowers and old stumps can take years to rot down.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is the process where the old stump from your tree is removed by using a specialist stump grinding tool to grind out the tree stump so that it is below ground level, this allows your lawn or your border to be able to re-establish.

Without the right tools and the correct knowledge to know how to use those tools removing an old tree stump can be hazardous. We have all the right tools and the proper training to enable our team to carry out the required stump removal procedures safely and effectively.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to grind and remove your tree stump with a minimum of disturbance to the ground around it.

We work not only with private businesses and home owners but also with professional landscapers, property developers and local governments.

No job is too difficult for our team to deal with, we are able to tackle any size of stump. Access is very rarely a problem as our stump grinder can get through most regular size doorways

After we have removed your old stump we will then back fill the resulting hole with the chippings from grinding the stump. If you would prefer we can dispose of the stump grind chippings and backfill the hole with your choice of composition.

What Is The Cost For Stump & Root Removal?

There are a variety of aspects which will have an effect on the charge of our stump removal solutions including:

  • The site of the stump to be removed – If a stump is near a building, wall or fence, specialised equipment is required along with special care and skill for the tree surgeon, so as to protect against damage to the building.
  • The girth of the stump
  • How deep the tree stump is buried in the soil
  • Adjoining roots – If the tree roots have spread out below a driveway or footpath, that causes additional complications which require extra machinery and care.
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