The Advantages of Tree Planting for the Environment and Your Property

What are the benefits of tree planting for the environment and your property?

As our planet fights daily against climate change and environmental struggles, tree planting becomes more and more important. Not only do you get the aesthetic appeal of trees, but you will also be enhancing the environment, along with your property. Tree planting can help the combat against climate change, and here is why.

Fighting Climate Change

Seeing as trees absorb carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, from the atmosphere, which then gets stored in the trunks, branches, and roots, they eventually go through a phenomenon called photosynthesis, where they release oxygen. This is one of the main ways to reduce greenhouse gases, so in that sense, the more trees we have, the better the planet will react, and the fresher our air will be.

Enhanced Air

With photosynthesis, the air we breathe is “purified” considerably. Dangerous pollutants and chemicals like nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter are filtered out thanks to trees. These pollutants commonly cause respiratory problems, which is why eliminating them is vital for the population’s health. Tree planting, in urban and rural areas, is an effective method to reduce risk of illness due to these chemicals.

Conserving Energy

Planting trees can be a real benefit for your property, seeing as they can provide shade for the hot days, and lower your potential air-conditioning bill. But that’s not all, they are also necessary in the winter, because they break the wind, inevitably reducing your heating costs.

Improving Biodiversity

Our ecosystem lives from trees, they allow natural habitats, food sources, and shelter for numerous animals. Thanks to reforestation, birds, insects, and wildlife can have new living areas. As a result, biodiversity is enhanced, and natural ecosystems are re-built. These activities help the environment’s health, without forgetting the amazing aesthetic features.

Protect From Soil Erosion!

With their roots, trees can stabilise soil. This is crucial to avoid erosion, caused by rain and wind. The long roots help the soil unite, which in turn, reduces the risk of landslides, and preserves valuable topsoil.

Adding Value To Your Property

Trees add a lot of value to your property. An aesthetic and well-kept garden will certainly increase the overall value of your home. Trees provide shade, privacy and a beautiful outdoor area.

The advantages of planting trees are clear, and go much further than the obvious aesthetic features. Doing this will help the ecosystem restore itself, improve biodiversity, and extend our lives. Thanks to more purified air and less energy consumption, this procedure is very valuable, and should be used as often as possible.

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