10 Tips to Keep Your Trees Looking Gorgeous During Autumn

10 Tips to Keep Your Trees Looking Gorgeous During Autumn

Autumn, a season of vibrant hues and falling leaves, paints the world with its golden brushstrokes. As trees prepare for winter, it’s crucial to give them some extra care to ensure they remain healthy, strong, and visually appealing throughout this transformative period.

Here are ten valuable tips to help you maintain the beauty of your trees during autumn.

  1. Regular Watering:

Even as the weather cools down, trees still need sufficient water. Maintain a consistent watering schedule, allowing trees to stay hydrated and healthy, especially during dry autumn spells.

  1. Mulching:

Apply a layer of mulch around the base of your trees. Mulch helps retain moisture, regulates soil temperature, and adds essential nutrients to the soil, promoting root health and growth.

  1. Gentle Pruning:

Perform light pruning to remove dead or weak branches. Focus on eliminating any damaged or diseased parts to enhance the tree’s appearance and encourage new growth in the upcoming spring.

  1. Protective Wrapping:

Consider wrapping young tree trunks with a tree wrap to safeguard them from temperature fluctuations and potential frost cracks. This protective layer can prevent sunscald and maintain a consistent temperature for the tree.

  1. Fertilise Appropriately:

Apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in the fall to provide trees with the nutrients they need for the upcoming growing season. Be cautious not to over-fertilise, as this can harm the tree.

  1. Inspect for Pests and Diseases:

Regularly inspect your trees for signs of pests, diseases, or infestations. Early detection allows for timely treatment and can prevent further damage to the tree.

  1. Leaf Removal:

Keep up with leaf raking and removal to prevent a suffocating layer of leaves on your lawn. Too many leaves can smother the grass and hinder healthy growth.

  1. Deep Root Watering:

Perform deep root watering to ensure water reaches the deeper roots of the tree. This encourages strong root development and helps the tree endure winter conditions.

  1. Support for Weaker Branches:

Provide additional support to weaker branches, especially those burdened with autumn leaves or snow. This prevents breakage and ensures the structural integrity of the tree.

  1. Consult a Tree Care Professional:

If in doubt about tree care or facing issues beyond your expertise, consult a certified arborist. Professionals can provide tailored advice and treatments to keep your trees in optimal condition.

Autumn is a time of transformation, and by following these tips, you can ensure that your trees gracefully transition through the season, displaying their full autumnal splendor while preparing for the dormant winter months. Taking care of your trees now will set the stage for a lush and healthy landscape come spring.

For expert advice on tree services in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Simply give us a call using the number 07521 374434 or fill out the contact form on our website. Our dedicated team of tree surgeons is ready to assist you. Your green spaces deserve the best care!

The Advantages Of Hiring Professional Tree Surgeons For Tree Service Work

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The Advantages Of Hiring Professional Tree Surgeons For Tree Service Work

As an important part of our environment, we should always try our best to take care of trees. They provide numerous benefits for the ecosystem, and for our health. They purify the air we breathe, make shade for the hotter days, and are a naturally beautiful part of the environment.

Like all human-beings, proper care is vital for trees to live a long and healthy life. Professional tree surgeons are here to help: they are trained and experienced with trees. The knowledge and experience that they have built up allows them to treat, prune, and remove trees efficiently and safely. Today, let’s go over the main advantages of hiring professional tree surgeons.

Expertise and Experience

Tree surgeons get extensive training and work experience in the field. They spend years mastering their craft. Tree surgeons can treat any type of tree, identify any disease, prune trees properly, and remove them securely. They also have the tools and equipment to complete their jobs efficiently and safely.

Prioritise Safety

Due to their size, weight, and funny shape, some trees can become hazardous. Climbing up trees is something that requires experience and training, it takes a while to learn and would be unwise for an untrained individual to try this. Tree surgeons can do the job in a way that keeps them safe, while keeping you and your property safe, as well as your trees.

Save You Time

By yourself, it would take a long time to treat a diseased tree, stump, or branches. With professionals, their equipment, team size, and comprehension of the job makes everything much quicker. You will likely save time and effort this way. Tree service is a hassle-free and environmentally friendly way of solving this sort of issue.


Using a professional tree service company may cost some money, but if you look at the long run, you will probably save money. Seeing as they can identify and cure diseases, which prevents them from spreading further, and causing additional damage. When they take care of your trees, this also allows for healthy, durable growth, which will save you spending more money down the line.

Added Value To Your Property

When you eventually sell your property, the garden directly will affect its value. In that sense, having healthy and aesthetic trees will add value to your property. To take good care of your trees, hiring a team of tree surgeons is probably the best bet.

Hiring a professional tree surgeon has numerous advantages, such as the perk of their expertise and knowledge, the safety benefits, the saved time and effort, the cost-effectiveness, and the added value to your property. To speakt to a professional tree surgeon near you, please call us now.

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The Advantages of Tree Planting for the Environment and Your Property

the advantages of tree planting for the planet and your property

The Advantages of Tree Planting for the Environment and Your Property

What are the benefits of tree planting for the environment and your property?

As our planet fights daily against climate change and environmental struggles, tree planting becomes more and more important. Not only do you get the aesthetic appeal of trees, but you will also be enhancing the environment, along with your property. Tree planting can help the combat against climate change, and here is why.

Fighting Climate Change

Seeing as trees absorb carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, from the atmosphere, which then gets stored in the trunks, branches, and roots, they eventually go through a phenomenon called photosynthesis, where they release oxygen. This is one of the main ways to reduce greenhouse gases, so in that sense, the more trees we have, the better the planet will react, and the fresher our air will be.

Enhanced Air

With photosynthesis, the air we breathe is “purified” considerably. Dangerous pollutants and chemicals like nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter are filtered out thanks to trees. These pollutants commonly cause respiratory problems, which is why eliminating them is vital for the population’s health. Tree planting, in urban and rural areas, is an effective method to reduce risk of illness due to these chemicals.

Conserving Energy

Planting trees can be a real benefit for your property, seeing as they can provide shade for the hot days, and lower your potential air-conditioning bill. But that’s not all, they are also necessary in the winter, because they break the wind, inevitably reducing your heating costs.

Improving Biodiversity

Our ecosystem lives from trees, they allow natural habitats, food sources, and shelter for numerous animals. Thanks to reforestation, birds, insects, and wildlife can have new living areas. As a result, biodiversity is enhanced, and natural ecosystems are re-built. These activities help the environment’s health, without forgetting the amazing aesthetic features.

Protect From Soil Erosion!

With their roots, trees can stabilise soil. This is crucial to avoid erosion, caused by rain and wind. The long roots help the soil unite, which in turn, reduces the risk of landslides, and preserves valuable topsoil.

Adding Value To Your Property

Trees add a lot of value to your property. An aesthetic and well-kept garden will certainly increase the overall value of your home. Trees provide shade, privacy and a beautiful outdoor area.

The advantages of planting trees are clear, and go much further than the obvious aesthetic features. Doing this will help the ecosystem restore itself, improve biodiversity, and extend our lives. Thanks to more purified air and less energy consumption, this procedure is very valuable, and should be used as often as possible.

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The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction for Your Property

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The Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction for Your Property

What are the benefits of tree crown reduction for your property?

Trees are very valuable and meaningful for any property, thanks to the shade they provide, the sheer beauty, and obvious environmental benefits. That being said, the more they grow, the harder it becomes to take proper care of them. Some trees grow so much that they become dangerous for your home, and its surroundings. For this reason precisely, tree surgeons provide tree crown reduction services. Today, we would like to walk you through the benefits of this technique, so let’s dive straight into it.

Improved Safety

Tree crown reduction allows better safety, because overgrown branches can be very hazardous. During strong winds, or storms, these parts of our trees could easily blow away. The best way to avoid this, is to properly prune your trees. The risk of damaging nearby buildings, or injuring human beings, or animals, significantly decreases when our gardens are properly looked after.

Better Structure

After years of growth, trees can develop instability in their structures, such as weak unions or co-dominant stems. Structural problems like these can easily result in broken branches, or even collapsed trees. Crown reduction is the best way to avoid structural issues, the process involves removing certain branches, in an attempt to lighten the overall weight of the crown. Not only will the structure be improved, but the lifespan of your trees will also increase dramatically.

A Nicer Visual Appearance

Overgrown or damaged trees don’t tend to look very aesthetic, they usually degrade the landscape, and make the area look less appealing. Thanks to crown reductions, a nicer shape is achievable, which is beneficial for visual appearance and general health of our trees. When it comes to selling your property, professionally pruned trees will likely increase the overall value, simply due to the improved landscape.

More Access To Sunlight, Enhanced Airflow

Big and bulky tree crowns can block sunlight from your trees, as well as reduce the airflow. This could be bad news for plants underneath, as less sunlight and airflow will result in a shorter life, and subpar health levels. This could be for your grass, flowers, or any form of nature. Furthermore, improved airflow, and more sunlight is the best way to scare away fungal diseases, seeing as moisture would evaporate in a faster manner.

Preserved Wildlife Habitat For A Healthier Ecosystem

Removing a select amount of branches with tree crown reduction is very different to removing the entire tree. Leaving certain parts of trees untouched allows for various forms of wildlife habitat to take place. For example, birds, squirrels, and owls, would be able to use these areas for nesting, shelter, and food. It is important to find a balance between safety, and preservation of wildlife habitat, in order to promote a healthy and durable ecosystem.

Tree crown reduction is associated with numerous benefits, such as improved safety, solid structure, better aesthetics, more sunlight and airflow, and a place for wildlife habitat. It is best to seek professional help before it’s too late, as some trees will have to be removed if they are left for too long. Our team of arborists and tree surgeons can help you make an informed decision, so please get in touch with us right away for further details on our tree crown reduction services by calling the number below or by filling in the form on our contact page. One of our team of arborists and tree surgeons will then assist you in making an informed choice.

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